Mirror of Truth

mirror“And in every one of us, there’s a war going on. It’s a civil war. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care where you live, there is a civil war going on in your life. And every time you set out to be good, there’s something pulling on you, telling you to be evil. It’s going on in your life. Every time you set out to love, something keeps pulling on you, trying to get you to hate. Every time you set out to be kind and say nice things about people, something is pulling on you to be jealous and envious and to spread evil gossip about them. There’s a civil war going on. There is a schizophrenia, as the psychologists or the psychiatrists would call it, going on within all of us. And there are times that all of us know somehow that there is a Mr. Hyde and a Dr. Jekyll in us…There’s a tension at the heart of human nature. And whenever we set out to dream our dreams and to build our temples, we must be honest enough to recognize it.”-Martin Luther King Jr.,The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Self-awareness is not meant to be a shaming exercise. It’s not about identifying your weaknesses and killing yourself to improve on them as if something’s wrong with you. Mass media messages don’t help in this regard. Nevertheless, it’s about seeing yourself from an honest perspective- to see who you are, and from whence you came, giving yourself permission to start where you are right now so to apply yourself when wanting to transform into the best of you…

“Believe in Your Power” is what the cover of my new journal reads. This gift from my awesome mentor confirmed once again why she was the right woman for the job because it symbolized that she’d paid attention. She saw the mascot created for “Asummermoon” as a visual representation of my inner wisdom and strength aka my inner superheroine.  And in true coaching fashion worked with me to awaken and put to good use what I was convinced it was best to keep asleep…my own unique super powers-my gifts, abilities, experiences, and essence.

*Side note observation* Isn’t it funny that those of us who are most determined to shine light and spread love struggle the most with what we are teaching and preaching? But it’s also what sometimes makes us the most qualified. Don’t believe me? In the field of addictions guess who made the best counselors? None other than former addicts in active recovery themselves!

Activating your true self and therefore your USP, is an act of love. And I believe love is a choice- more a choice when the feelings take a nose dive and need serious resuscitation.  What many don’t know is choosing love is actually very, very hard for me. I have to creatively remind myself, purposely retrain my negative thinking patterns, and practically apply it to my daily living. Heck, it’s why I greet everyone almost daily as lovely people. Its how I’m choosing to see others- what I choose to believe we all are deep down past all the things that don’t always represent that belief system. I am now conscientiously pursuing a Doctorate in Love-ocity from Life University because I’m fully aware that when I look into my own mirror of truth, I still see fear where there could only be love, and power, and a sound mind.

Fear creates envy, and prejudice, and misaligned justifications, fear keeps us from forgiving ourselves because we are worried it won’t appease our judges, fear holds us back when we tell others (while trying to still convince ourselves) that we want to move forward. Fear seeks the distorted mirror because it would rather misperceive than smash all the mirrors of deceit and come face to face with what’s really going on in the inside. When we don’t face what’s going on inside we find excuses to hide the very best of who we are.

If this is to be “our best year yet” I think we owe it to ourselves to keep it real with ourselves.  After all, self-awareness (one of the many attributes of self-love) is a trait the most successful people all share. It’s a good place to start when you’re ready to hit the reset button on a life that isn’t in alignment with your values, or wanting to learn how to create your own luck, or willing to have the courage to be more of the awesome, interesting, lovely being that is you.

Until next time…Peace!

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5 Simple Steps to Activate A Purposeful Year

There are many goal-setting techniques out there to choose from. I’ve personally read about so many different kinds I got serious information overload. So what I try to do now is create structure around purpose while leaving space to color outside the lines. Here’s how I set my art in motion.

1) Reflect. History isn’t there to remind us of our failures. It’s there to teach us how we can succeed next time around. We reflect on what was, how we showed up to our lives, how we created more purpose so we can determine where our adventured will take us next. One way to make this process is to keep a record. I prefer to journal, my best friend knows that she knows that she knows journaling ain’t happening, so I suggested that she use the voice recording app on her phone and make audio journal entries. If she ever wanted to read it transcription services would be well worth the investment.
2) Dump. During my reflections I begin formulating tons of thoughts and creative ideas. Words come to mind. Images come to mind. Songs play in my mind. I record or collect them all. I don’t care if words pop up in my head that feel so far-fetched I write them if not for now then later. The key is to just let it flow. Don’t think about where you’ll place the items on a vision board or how the words are supposed to represent an income stream. The aim is to dream and let your imagination soar.
3) Choose. Out of that dump find one word, or a few words to create a phrase or theme for how you want to show up to your life for the year. It can represent what you want to see happen, how you see yourself at the end of the year, or the gifts you want to share while being a work in progress. Don’t get hung up on this step, you’ll find yourself making excuses to keep from action so keep it moving because it may come to you after the fact. This year my word, BREAKTHROUGH came during my reflections when I was journaling about how I couldn’t think of one word. My theme song, Go Get It came a few days later. I believe it flowed easier to me this year only because I’ve been actively practicing getting quiet and listening to my innersuperhoine speak to my heart.
4) Organize. Since the whole of my life is made up of several slices. I organize my dump into slices. Personal, Social, Spirtual, Physical, Professional, and Financial. By this time I try to pull 1 to 3 sentences together to align with each slice. If I accomplish it or the essence of it before the year is out I simply pull something new from my dump to work on next. So for instance, under Physical I knew a breathrough year beckoned me to feel good about the environment I slept in and worked in as well as to take care of my health so that I could have the energy to work towards my success. So under my Social slice I found myself writing: Light a scented candle before I do creative work each day. Why put this? Because it calms me and helps me write without editing at the same time. If you want some deeper insight and methodology into what goes into each slice, check out the Joy Equation. (One of my very 1st and best experiences with the coaching realm).
5) Astonish. When I set out to astonish myself, I don’t always set a SMART goal. Instead, under each slice of life I set out to simply to rock my own socks off for the year and obviously every year after that. The exception to this rule mainly falls to my professional and financial slices, only because I’m programmed to and am still actively learning to bring a more authentic take to these areas. But even now I’ve recently learned about having a one sentence business plan and just letting the how flow from it. The point is take action, and I do it so I feel alive because only then can I truly nourish others with the overflow.

This system (because that’s what it is) works for me and every year I learn how to improve upon it which in turn improves the results I see. I’m a firm believer that a simple, proven system done consistently works miracles and wonders. How you activate is entirely up to you.

Until Next time…Peace!

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What Comes After Discovering Purpose? (A 2014 Reflection)

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” – Nietzche

I’m going to do this review slightly different than my quarterly reviews. Since I’ve already broken down the happenings of each individual slice in life throughout this year, I wanted to do more of a big picture summary this time around.

My Word for 2014 was Purpose and my theme was Choose to Dance.

When the word Purpose hit my heart during last year’s reflections, I can’t say that I wasn’t already hip to the game plan on what my purpose was. I was running circles around in my brain on what comes after discovering your purpose. Apparently, I needed to gain more clarity around it so I could better align it with my work because well… who doesn’t want to make a living actually doing what they’re called to do in this lifetime?

What I didn’t comprehend at the beginning of the year, was that “Choose to Dance” would be the perfect theme to go along with a year focused on Purpose because it is exactly how you embrace what you’ve discovered. You choose Purpose over and over while creating its rhythm and letting it move you forward through life.

When I came across this post and read: Your purpose is a culmination of moments in your life where you are creating sacred places. This simply translates into knowing that you are surrounded by purpose. I knew I was onto something.

For me, my intention was create more purpose through 3 avenues: Alignment, Integration, and Movement. I kept that in mind when I set goals under all 6 slices life this year: personal, social, physical, spiritual, professional, and financial. I kept it in mind when I unapologetically shifted those goals several times throughout the year, while simultaneously forgiving myself when I sometimes did so out of fear. (If you want to know what they were and the adjustments I made just read my personal archives.)

Here’s the thing, we all know that life can run smoothly and then suddenly spiral out of control, so we can choose to crash and burn believing that we are not enough or we can be like the Phoenix and rise out of the ashes (the circumstances, the stereotypes, the ignorance, etc) through our actions, our activation time, and claim our purpose over and over again. What’s more, is that purpose evolves.

Zen Habits hit the nail on the head with this:

Our external purpose changes to reflect our inner. Purposes are not permanent. Nothing is. Stop looking for something to do for the rest of your life – it might be possible to find something that lasts forever; but most likely it will simply change in accordance with your internal state and needs.

In the end, I pursued everything I wanted while my true intentions revealed themselves through prioritization and follow-through to a self-defined finish line. I’ve concluded that by far this has truly been an Astonishing and Purposeful year.

See you all in 2015 : )

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With a Heart of Thanksgiving: 10 Spectacular Things

So, I wanted to publish this earlier this week but I caught a terrible “seasonal change” cold and had to prioritize (I chose rest and getting healthy). Now that I’m feeling a little better I decided to take up this challenge presented by my fellow audacious life adventurers over in the audacity lab. Honestly, it came at a great time since I usually practice a focus month of gratitude and thankfulness during the month of November.

So, here’s 10 Spectacular Things Happening in my Life Right Now dance through life1) Catching this Cold- I know this doesn’t sound like something awesome, but I try darn hard to see the bright side of things. Honestly, I’ve been tired lately and even though my body craved rest I didn’t give in and pressed on. This cold has knocked me on my butt when it didn’t really have to so that I could give myself some much needed tlc in the self-care department. I realized that even self-love comes with its own slices and this particular slice needed my attention in more ways than one.

2) My personal Astonish Yourself Project- Speaking of love and the Audacity lab, I hinted in a previous post that I would be working on a project that was deeply focused on love. As I delve more into my studies on love and learning some very cool history tidbits too… I am super excited about applying what I’ve been learning along the way as I develop something that I know is going to be amazing! I can’t talk too much about it just yet but be on the lookout for something fabulous in 2015 *wink wink*

3) Meetup.com – Another pleasant mixture of when social media meets IRL (in real life) situations. Even though I’ve referenced Meetup in the past, and had set up an account, I had never actually leveraged meetup until very recently. Now, even though Powermatch – targeted business networking was already around, Sara its fearless leader, created a complimentary Meetup group that gets together once a month and I’ve found myself immensely liking the culture of business networking she’s developed. But for this post, I’m referring to a non-business related group.

I’ve joined in on a few of hangouts and have come to appreciate the time I spend with this diverse group of individuals connecting through a shared personality trait. Right now, I’ve found a happy place for this particular part of my journey with my 2 groups and it’s spectacular to me.

4) Philly- I still love being so close this city. Heck being from Jersey puts me in driving distance from a lot of really awesome majorphilly falls cities on the east coast including New York (and I’ve had tons of fun up there too). But since Philly is a 15-20 min train ride away. I take in as much city time as I can right across the bridge. There are a lot of changes taking place over the bridge gentrification being one of them. But there are just so many hidden gems I’m still discovering in this region. I mean… the food, and the culture, the arts, the universities, the ability to come back to my quiet burb when I want to sleep at night ha! (Seriously, that’s a blessing).

5) My Bestie moving back- Home feels more like home when the ones you love are there. My bestie moved back after a stint near the ATL. Although I can’t keep her here for long since she hates cold winters. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect as we’ve both recently entered a new decade in life and I’m glad to get to start it off with her here so we can laugh and cry and laugh some more about it over coffee instead of the phone.

6) My new little nephew- I was supposed to come up to the hospital after his birth like everyone else instead I happen to be around when the water broke all the way through to and after the delivery. Let me tell you, I remain convinced motherhood is not for me. Good lordy geeze that was a scene to behold! This little guy gave me quite a scare as he was born not breathing. But he pulled through and is super amazing and so alert…(Auntie brag moment) I can’t wait to take him to the anime conventions and comic-con!

7) I get to be a connector- One of the reasons I wanted to build a blog instead of just journaling my thoughts was so that when the time came, my blogging would allow me the opportunity to be a resource for people who set out to do good things to make this world a better place. One of my clients,  a coach I respect and admire Dr. Clack just so happened to mention to me that she was trying to find an organization that addressed human trafficking.  She was frustrated because she had been to some major networking events and no one could point her in the right direction. What she didn’t know however, was that besides arts for mental health and social change, a cause near and dear to my heart is the ending of human trafficking. I had even did a special independent study on it during my college years. And I just so happened to know of Kelly Masters, (who I met on Facebook and then later at a local cafe) she headed the organization Dining For Dignity that was combating and educating people about human trafficking right here in our own back yard. #Socialmediaforsocialchange

8) The realization that I’m already living my dreams- Being able to be a connector is one part of the story, really building connections/relationships are all a part of the larger scheme of things… One day I looked up at my vision board and gave myself a big hug. Even though I’ve much work to do, my past has shown me that when I set my mind to do a task I am more than capable of turning vision into reality on numerous occasions. This is not only true for myself, but also through my work by aiding my clients as a part of their team, so that they could do the same. Man, it’s a wonderful feeling!

9) Team Moon- Another happy place for me right now is the support I now have in my own corner. When I first started this crazy ride called entrepreneurship I didn’t get much support at all. Heck, I didn’t even support me like I knew I could because I was so convinced that other people knew what was best for me rather than trusting and believing in all that was good and divine within me.

10) Clarity- Like I said the more you know yourself and the more you trust and believe in yourself, shifts began to take place and new paths open. I am looking forward to learning more about the woman I am becoming and how she will share her unique super powers with the world.

Until next time…

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Our Definitions of Success Will Look Different


It’s that word again, Success- that gravy train many of us hopes to ride. And there are many 2 cents and some change about this word. Heck, even I’ve written a couple of blogs around the topic. I’ve asked you How Do You Define Success , what are you willing to do to achieve your definition of success,and even challenged you to face fears of success.

This time around, I wanted to vlog some words of encouragement since some of us are already mapping out plans for 2015, and might get all wrapped up in listening to our evil success nemesis, the comparison queen if we’re not careful. It’s all too easy to take your eyes off the prize (your purpose) especially when people in your tribe are doing cool things like being modern day gypsies, or meeting Martha Stewart to learn yummy recipes and such. And that’s awesome for them and you can celebrate your friends and mentors.

But, the thing is, your path is your path. So, I hope you enjoy my latest video blog. I recorded while on a weekend road trip visiting one of my favorite Aunties, (she’s the one who did my makeup for all the professional pics you see of me) : )

Just in Case you couldn’t click through to the video here’s the direct link: http://youtu.be/90FP5o6DtPg

Until next time…

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