I Already Know That [Vlog]

This month I thought out loud about the “I already know that” syndrome. It is a deadly mindset that usually signals to initiate the beginning of the end. You know, that wonderful day when you finally know all you need to know in life, and there’s nothing more to learn. It’s a phrase I’ve admittedly expressed on occasion, especially when it comes to  unwanted advice about relationships, (another topic for another day) But most importantly,  it’s a phrase that shuts down the chance for evolution. It is an attitude that  blocks creative synergy, hinders focused efforts, and squashes dream realization…

Here’s the 3rd video in my I Know The Pieces Fit ongoing vlog series…hope you can vibe with me on this one:




6 thoughts on “I Already Know That [Vlog]

  1. This is such a great topic Lynn. As someone who is active on YouTube I see examples of this kind of person regularly. I have had people go to the trouble of creating a new account on Youtube just to be able to leave me some kind of condescending comment on training I’m offering free of charge. Meanwhile they are putting nothing into society.

    As you said so eloquently, the mark of a true “expert” is that he never stops learning and growing. One of my biggest supporters in fact is a classically trained vocal coach, musician and music ministry teacher herself. Yet she has purchased my products, subscribed to my course and faithfully follows my blog.

    God forbid that I should ever get to the point where I feel I have nothing else to learn. Because as you pointed out here, it’s pretty-much all down hill from there. Great post!
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  2. I agree with you, in that, people can, and will be derogatory and critical. I also join those who embrace the? option in choosing to continue to learn and evolve into informed, charitable, inquisitive, and productive human beings.

  3. Thanks so much for your comment George! I think this is why writing or blogging is so powerful. To create up to date content you have to keep up with what’s going on in the world so we have an incentive to keep up with this type of mindset. :-)

  4. at some point, i think we’ve all encountered that person in some shape, form, or fashion. and i’m totally with you – if you already knew it was for beginners, don’t bother going. i will admit that i went to a class that was marketed as being beneficial to bloggers at all levels. in this particular case, it wasn’t and i was truly disappointed. i didn’t make a public stink about it, but you best believe i shared my thoughts on the evaluation form. i will always be a student. the world is ever-changing and no one will ever truly “know it all”.
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    • I think in some shape, form, or fashion we have not only encountered that person but may have even played that roleourselves. (I know I have. But I think the key is that somewhere along the lines we understand that even an expert can learn a new trick or two about life 😉 I’m with you! Study study study there’s so much to learn.

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