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In sea of screaming victims spewing silent tears, there lives a superheroine whose rediscovery of self-worth and success empowered her to start a movement; a movement that challenges the citizens of Planet Earth to embrace their personal evolution by defining success on their own terms. Cutting through failures and fears, many of these victims turned victors recognize this movement as a force to be reckoned with.They were rescued by the superheroine’s power of activation, through implementation.

So just who is this unmasked crusaderess – who enables citizens to leap personal and entrepreneurial woes in a single bound?

It’s a guru. It’s a sage. It’s Lynette Davis!itslynn

Hi there! You can call me Lynn. I empower visionary women like you to activate their inner superheroine. I help turn your radioactive outlook on life and business into a powerhouse of positivity by transforming your mutated mindset and habits into opportunities for adventures in success.

Through personal and professional development tips, examples of fellow do-gooders I discover during my adventures, and general reflections about life, I break down the mystical barricade of entrepreneurship. Using my innate intuition and insight, I help you free your mind and save time on finding resources, which enables you to take strategic action and achieve success.

Every strong woman has their own arch nemesis to slay. My back story is no different. Before I could activate others, I had to face the enemies of my own success.

I attended Rutgers University where I obtained a degree in Sociology. Shortly after graduation, I worked in the field of addictions. But there was a voice lurking in the shadows of my soul, beckoning me to empower others on a different level. I suppressed this calling, accepting my short-sighted career as ideal success. Soon, I could no longer silence my inner superheroine. She was pushing me towards greatness. She revealed to me that my old vision of success wasn’t fully aligned with my values. In the midst of this realization, I found myself at some of the darkest moments in my life. I lost what I thought I wanted and felt a piece of me had died.

Yet out of the ashes of self-sabotage came a rebirth and with it, time to heal my wounds, reclaim my joy, explore new possibilities in my life, embrace that I’m an amazing Woman of God, and be the Superheroine of my own story.

This led me to become president of my own company, A & D Media. At this not-so-secret-headquarters, my league of extraordinary social media marketing specialists and I Create, Manage, and Expand the social media presence of Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and other Location-Independent Entrepreneurs.

When I’m not busy aiding citizens from the pitfalls of their own self-doubt or growing entrepreneurs’ businesses through social media management, you can find me reading comics, writing fiction and poetry, pretending I’m in music videos when driving by myself, moonwalking on the kitchen floor, and showing delicious food no mercy. You’ll also likely catch me working on arts and media projects for social change with my super friends!

Let me guide you away from your own personal and entrepreneurial obstacles by subscribing to my blog. Together, we’ll activate your inner superheroine!

You can also reach out to me via Twitter @LynnDDavis or shoot me an email at Lynn [at] Asummermoon [dot] com




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