Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Flickr Credit: georgia.kral

If I had to take any one thing from this past week it would be that everyone needs someone to lean on. Ok, I did get that line from the movie Lean On Me, but the basic principles hold true. It’s ok to ask for help. We all fall short at times, and that’s ok no one is perfect no not one.

I do admit that I have a hard time asking for help.It’s not because I think I’m all of that and a pack of donuts, (far from it). As a matter of fact I know many successful business men and women are great because they have a great circle of trust around them and a great team of people who are probably more talented than they would ever hope to be. I guess I struggle partly, because of pride, and partly because I’m afraid of rejection. But when I’ve reached my human capacity for squeezing knowledge into my brain it’s time to remember my personal mantras by having the courage to be me, not trying to play superwoman, and asking for help. I sometimes have to tell myself to stop waiting until I’m driven into a corner to swallow my pride, while other times I just need to stop being a punk and woman up when I need an attentive ear or even a shoulder to cry on.

Just recently, I reached out to several women entrepreneurs that I truly admire, and felt I could trust to be patient with me. Mind you, because I know that women are some of the most taken advantage of entrepreneurs due to our giving nature. I do my best not to approach others trying to take advantage of their kindness, as I respect the trades of these women (we all have bills to pay). I’m grateful for their advice and taking time to offer me help. Because someone has helped me, I am more humbled and in a better position to show the same love they have shown me.

So, to those ladies and countless others, I thank you for your help.

Women and Entrepreneurs Unite

While I’m wrapping up the FAQ’s from my final interviewees for Black History Now; I wanted to acknowledge another Black Entrepreneur and an awesome event she hosts that I’ll be attending along with other Women Entrepreneurs and progressive minded Women .

I met Mrs. Rhonda Hammond at an entrepreneurial networking event, and she has been an invaluable resource to me. As a dream coach and the CEO of Positive with Purpose LLC, she inspires women to realize their dreams and goals and take practical steps to move towards making them a reality. She vlogs some of these practical steps for empowerment on her Youtube channel.

One of her dreams was to create an event where women could come together, eat and network with one another while having access to women who are making power moves toward realizing their dreams and inspiring other women to do the same. The I Simply Love Her event, which will be held on March 3, 2012 is meant to promote “self-love, self-confidence, and healthy self-esteem” and will host vendor exhibits, opportunities to shop and have fun, as well as various empowerment workshops. One of the keynote speakers is Denise Mathews aka Vanity (remember The Last Dragon yall?) who has a wonderful message to share given her personal testimony of rise and fall to finding herself and redefining what success means to her.

I’m really excited about going to this event; I’ve personally come a long way from being too bashful to go to small networking events to now having the courage to go to a large expo with keynote speakers(without my wingman). Although, I would feel a whole lot better if I saw some of your faces in the place, so please check out the event page and book your ticket now.

Hope to see you there!